Best Office Chairs

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“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

We have been researching which manufacturers make high quality products that will make your office space more enjoyable.  We accessed comfort, mobility, sitting position options, back support and ease of movement in work space. These venders ship to the EU, US and Canada.  Happy shopping!  

Ergonomic Friendly Setup [3]


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Distance: Proper sitting posture dictates where you should place your keyboard. Your elbows should be comfortably at your side rather than behind or in front of you. Therefore, your keyboard should be in front of you at a distance you can comfortably reach with your elbows at your sides.

If your keyboard has a number pad, make sure you’re centering it based on the letters rather than the whole keyboard. The letter B should be in front of your navel.

Angle: The keyboard should have a slight negative angle of about 15 degrees. In other words, the keyboard should tilt away from you rather than towards you.

Height: Again, your posture and desk height dictates the correct height of your keyboard and mouse. Your forearms should be roughly parallel to the floor and your wrists straight rather than bent. If your desk is too high to allow this, you can use a keyboard tray or drawer to place your keyboard at the right height.

Computer mice come in different sizes and shapes. Look at an ergonomic mouse that’s contoured in the right places to eliminate the unconscious gripping and tension in your fingers that eventually leads to nerve pain and injury. For some people, a vertical mouse that mimics a handshake when you hold it is more ergonomic than a horizontal mouse, as there’s no need to twist your wrist when operating it.


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Capisco Chair by HÅG (starts at $799.00 sold by Fully)

  • “leg gutters” for lower body 
  • supportive tool 
  • multiple adjustable seated positions for your to explore  

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Muvman Sit-Stand Stool by aeris (starts at $449.00 sold by Fully)

  • anterior pelvic tilt position allowing you to sit tall in your spine
  • 360 degrees of movement 
  • multiple color options

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Active Seat Basic (starts at € 295 sold by Vari)

  • minimal back support forcing you to sit tall 
  • dynamic movement options while seated 
  • fully assembled 

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Move Stool by Varier (starts at $499.00 sold by Fully)

  • no slouching allowed with this chair
  • work deep intrinsic postural muscles all day while seated no need to do any situps or crunches ever again
  • no foot stand for feet to rest 

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Hon Endorse Adjustable Height Mesh Headrest, Black (starts at £158.27 sold by Amazon or by Walmart for $259)

  • detachable arms
  • easy to assemble
  • comfortable standard office desk chair option on wheels 
  • high quality for the price point 

We have more blogs specific about setting up an ergonomic friendly office workstation related to keyboards, mats, electric vs. manual standing desk converters, bicycling vs. treadmill desk options and more.  If you found this blog post helpful please share with your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.

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