Our Services

One-on-One Training: customized training just for you and your needs

Online Training:  workouts on the go to keep you moving and on target towards achieving your wellness goals

Group Classes: semi-private training sessions working out with peers

Strength & Conditioning: weight training, plyometric and agility movements with sport specific focus

Sports Injuries: post-rehab movements to get you back training and competing

Movement Therapy: understanding how to move in your bones in a safe and effective methodology

Bodywork and Therapeutic Massage: manual work to release tension and stress within the body while promoting whole body healing

Kinesio Taping Method: supports muscles, removes congestion to the flow of body fluids, activates endogenous analgesic systems, and corrects joint problems

Rowing & Sculling: technique and skill based training specific to your movement level

Pilates: full body approach to movement

Yoga: mindful movement to awaken your senses