Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy uses an integrative approach to address complex biological systems incorporating the movement principles of bodywork/therapeutic massage, pilates, yoga, strength and conditioning training to awaken the neurological pathways connected to our organs, tissue, skeletal and muscular systems.  We believe movement is medicine.  Our training sessions are either one hour or an hour and half in duration allowing your body to settle into the movements and start the process of movement integration.  During each session we continue to build a strong foundation of positive movement memory.

Osteoporosis/ Osteopenia

If you have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis/Osteopenia, it is critical to understand the contraindications and precautions to avoid causing any possible fractures for the future.  Do you have a fall prevention plan in action?  Do you understand why forward spinal flexion movements and deep forward hip hinge movements are contraindications?  Do know the health benefits of spinal extension movements  to avoid developing a kyphotic spine?  Do you understand your DEXA scores and how to monitor positive changes in the t-scores?  According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation “Osteoporosis is the number one cause of hospital stays in women over the age of 45 years old.  1:2 women and 1:4 men will have an osteoporotic fracture in their lifetime.  200 million women worldwide suffer from osteoporosis (10 million in the US).”    Join us to start the dialogue of how to move better in your bones without risking a possible fracture.


Over the years have you developed poor postural alignment issues impacting your overall well being?  Have you experienced a herniated disc, low back pain or neck pain that doesn’t seem to go away?  According to the Mayo Clinic “75% of low back pain returns or another relapse occurs within the same year due functional limits.”  Your movements in our head, neck, shoulders, torso and back all play a critical role in your daily movement patterns.  Do you experience headaches that build into migraines leaving you unable to function in your daily activities?  Have you been in a car accident and experienced a concussion or whiplash?  How have you been able to reset your body to its optimal functional alignment?  We are happy to problem solve and see how we can get you to your optimal functional alignment.

Neurological Issues

Have you been diagnosed with a neurological disease and left unsure how to proceed? There are over 600 different neurological diseases affecting the nervous system.  Some of the most common our neurological diseases are strokes, epilepsy, brain tumors, Parkinson’s and ALS.  We are happy to work with you and your medical team to discuss the best possible plan of action. We will help you understand safe, reasonable and appropriate movement(s) that are customized around your body and your fitness level.  Our goal is to create the best possible Movement Therapy experience while developing a set of movements to heal your mind, body and spirit understanding each person is unique.  Contact us to discuss the best plan of action.