Corporate Wellness

Here at Core Balance Movement we strive at helping Corporations create a happier and healthier work space by providing mindful movement group classes plus onsite chair massages for employees. We work with you to customize our services around the needs of your business in order to increase productivity and collaboration.

What are Mindful Movement Classes?

Mindful Movement group classes are catered for all those interested in working out with friends, colleagues and peers. Our group classes are customized training sessions where everyone is getting the personal attention they need to move most effectively.

Benefits for your Corporation

  • Decreased tension and stress leading to happier employees
  • Increased attention and focus to meet the necessary deadlines
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased team building and collaboration among peers and staff members
  • Decreased rate of workers comp claims due to more movement during the work day

Benefits for your Employees

  • Increased relaxation and stillness
  • Improved posture and whole body healing
  • Increased blood flow circulation

Restorative Yoga & Meditation Classes

Attendees will learn how to use their breath to help guide the movement. We want each student to understand the importance of each pose and the possible health benefits. We help the students develop a daily mindfulness practice of awareness that will help their body find stillness in times of stress and tight deadlines.

Pilates Classes

Pilates was created in the early 1900s by Joseph H. Pilates, with the notion that the mind and body should both be exercised during a workout. Pilates exercises focus on the core (transversus abdominis, pelvic floor, multifidi, diaphragm). During this core workout, the mind is engaged. Balance, coordination and flexibility are key components to every movement. Pilates exercises use whole-body integration versus isometric isolation of muscle groups. It incorporates upper- and lower-body extremities to foster balanced muscle development with less stress or strain.

Onsite Chair Massage

Why not treat your employees to an onsite therapeutic chair massage to help them benefit from:

  • Decreased tension and stress with increased relaxation and stillness
  • Increased blood flow circulation
  • Improved posture and whole body healing
  • Restoration of normal range of motion (ROM) at joints
  • Increased awareness to breathing and the impact on the body

Recommended massage options:

Event Duration (Single Therapist) 120 minutes 120 minutes 120 minutes 120 minutes
Massage Time per Person 10 minutes* 15 minute 20 minute 30 minute
Number of People Treated 12 people 8 people 6 people 4 people

*10 minutes per person is the minimum recommended massage duration.

Next Steps

  • Step up a time to discuss how best to arrange group classes in your office space, frequency of group classes per week, the best time of day to offer group classes, number of employees available to accommodate in your space, budget, type of equipment and storage available onsite.
  • This service may be provided Monday to Sunday from 6am to 9pm. Please check which dates and times are most convenient for you and consult with us to confirm availability.

More info

We pride ourselves on helping take away the stress of launching a Mindful Movement Wellness Program in the comfort of your workspace. We work with you to successfully incorporate weekly group classes onsite to specifically address the needs of your staff.  Contact us for a free business consultation.