Yin, Restorative Yoga & Meditation

We focus on allowing your breath to help guide the movement and less on mastering a specific pose. We want you to start to understand the importance of each pose and the possible health benefits. Learning to shift your intention from needing to perform to respecting your current restrictions or limits with patience and kindness.  Developing a daily mindfulness practice of awareness can allow your body to find stillness.

Our main goal is more about finding stillness and peace from within to center your mind, body and spirit.  We teach you how to move from your bones and less from your muscles exploring the freedom of movement from within.  We explore the process of letting go of the need to be doing and draw your attention to the state of being in the moment.  Your ability to be aware of where your mind wonders and bring yourself back to the present moment can lead to increased wellness and balance.  The time on the mat is a time for self-healing, de-stressing, self-reflection, empowerment and balance between the yin and the yang (female vs. masculine).  We welcome all levels to join us on this journey of self exploration and adventure.

Studio and On-site Training Sessions

Our studio sessions are conducted in Malta and Boston, MA, however we can also provide training sessions on-site at the convenience of your own home, studio or workplace.  Please contact us for a quotation.

Yoga Online Training Program

If you are travelling, or living in a remote location or simply want the flexibility to do Yoga training wherever you are and in your own free time, we recommend you checkout the Core Balance Movement Online Training Program which can be used as an alternative (or an add-on) to your studio training sessions.  When using our Yoga online training program, you will be assigned a specialized Personal Trainer that will built a program around your specific needs and abilities and follow your progress throughout the program. The trainer will make content available via easy-to-follow video exercises that are customized on a weekly basis depending on your progress and goals.

Please contact us with any questions to help you get started.