Preventing and Dealing with Sports Injuries

We believe injury prevention starts with a movement integration approach to staying healthy, happy and active for life.  Too many talented junior athletes are experiencing serious unnecessary injuries at an alarming rate — torn ACL’s, repetitive stress fractures, strains or sprains located at the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles that potentially lead to chronic musculoskeletal imbalances.

Are you someone who recently injured yourself or have you let the injury become chronic?   Regardless, of the stage of rehab acute vs. chronic we are happy to discuss how best to get you back to feeling healthy and active.  Each new client starts with a sixty-minute initial fitness assessment to review how your moving in you’re bones and establish a baseline of movement.  At your second appointment we view the fitness assessment results and discuss your specific training goals to develop a customized program for you.We teach our athletes to understand the warning signs of overtraining and adrenal fatigue educating the importance of developing a well balanced training program.

We want all our athletes to be educated and well informed to better move in their bones.  We believe it’s important to understand how your bones are designed to move and explain the importance of optimizing your joints to your true potential.  When we have your bones stacked in their optimal alignment we can move with greater ease and less stress placed on your joints leading to fewer injuries.

Our goal is to build a solid movement education foundation to bring awareness to your mind, body and spirit.  We explore the importance of how your breath impacts your movements.  We explain the importance of using an inhalation vs. an exhalation and how it relates to your specific training movements.

Our training sessions are centered around a full body movement experience explaining the importance of finding a balance between flexibility and strength.  We teach you movements to challenge your balance, stability and coordination while finding an optimal spinal alignment position to keep you moving injury free.  We train in multiple planes of motion – sagittal, frontal and transverse to challenge your proprioception in space using the movement principles of bodywork/therapeutic massage, pilates, yoga, strength and conditioning.  We focus on developing deep intrinsic neuromuscular system pathways to establish a solid foundation for healthy movements.

Your movement is impacted by your sleep patterns, active recovery, nutritional intake, support system of friends and family and more.  Injury prevention is about an integrative approach to living a well balanced life.  Understanding how to train when your in-season competing and traveling vs. off-season land training will keep you injury free.  Be proactive in your training regimen, contact us today and explore the positive health benefits of moving injury free for your sport(s).