One-on-One Training

Achieve your goal(s), whether it is to gain definition, build stronger muscles, increase stamina, improve balance and flexibility, boost cardiovascular endurance, lose weight or increase bone density.  Our training sessions are either 55-minutes or 90-minutes based on individual issues, goals, and injuries.

We provide a detailed postural wellness assessment at your first session to establish a base-line and working knowledge of how you move in your bones.  We assess your posture while walking, sitting and standing.  Our goal is to help you improve your posture to reduce pain.  Our posture is directly related to our overall health; how we feel emotionally, physically and energetically.  We teach you how to support your posture and movement patterns.  Some of the benefits of a healthy spine include:  improved  sleep patterns, supportive healthy digestive system, increased energy levels, boosted self-esteem and confidence levels, reduced anxiety and depression, elevated mood, reduced stress and relieved pain.  Posture serves our body and helps heal underlying health issues.

Based upon your movement patterns we design specialized programs to best meet your training needs. Typically after ten sessions or 3 months (whichever comes first) we re-test your fitness assessment skills and continue to customize the training as you progress.

Our training time together will draw upon our working knowledge of pilates, yoga, meditation, strength and conditioning finding the best movements suited for your goals.  Please contact us with any questions and look forward to working with you soon!

Studio and On-site Training Sessions

Our studio sessions are conducted in Malta and Boston, MA however we can also provide one-on-one training sessions on-site at the convenience of your own home, studio or workplace. Contact us for a quotation.

Online Training Program

If you are travelling, or living in a remote location or simply want the flexibility to train wherever you are and in your own free time, we recommend you checkout the Core Balance Movement Online Training Program which can be used as an alternative (or an add-on) to your studio training sessions.  When using our online training program, you will be assigned a specialized Personal Trainer that will build a program around your specific needs and abilities and follow your progress throughout the program. The trainer will make content available via easy-to-follow video exercises that are customized on a weekly basis depending on your progress and goals.

Please contact us with any questions to help you get started.