How well are you coping with the current world health pandemic we are facing?  Here are six questions for you to answer.  Keep in mind the more honest and real you are with your answers the more room for growth and change.  

  • How do you define self care?
  • When was the last time you craved out self care time and what is stopping you?
  • What do you need to shift today in order to make self care a top priority?
  • When are you going to exercise?
  • How are you going to connect with your friends?
  • What kind of food will you eat to fill your soul and make you come alive?

We believe in treating the whole person with a holistic approach and blend our knowledge and training to offer you a unique approach specific to you and your needs.  We have additional blog post for you to check out on movement, massage therapy, and traditional chinese medicine. 

We love teaching mindful movement and we are here to support you in your journey. We offer online remote training from anywhere in the world. Contact us today to get started and learn to move with less pain and greater ease. We look forward to partnering with you and answering your movement questions and/or concerns.   

Medical Disclaimer: You should also see your doctor and/or nutritionist if you think you may be deficient in specific nutritional vitamins. They can help determine what’s causing your symptoms and, if needed, recommend ways to balance your daily vitamin intake.