Cleanse, Release, Ground and Empower

“The mind follows the body and the body follows the mind.”

– Ayurveda Medicine

Taking time out to cleanse yourself not just physically but emotionally is extremely important.  There are simple things that you can do to help you align your body-mind in a soft way that frees itself of the heaviness of stagnant chi. 

A great way to cleanse your energy is to take a bath.  Water cleanses our physical bodies as well as our emotional and and energy bodies.  You can add herbs, oils, salts and other ingredients to your recipes to really help draw those toxins out of the body to leave you feeling purified and refreshed.  

Bath to Nourish

1-2 cups Epsom salt

1-2 cups sea salt

5-10 drops lavender and/or rosemary fresh 

Milk Bath 

Rose petals help you remember things.  Placing rose petals under your pillow at night will help you remember your dreams.  A nice addition to rose petals is to add some warm milk (goats milk is best but any milk of your choice is fine).  Milk helps to break up any oils on the skin.  

Goddess Bath 

Dried oats

Goat’s milk, powdered buttermilk or powder cow milk 

Dried flowers like lavender, rose,calendula and/or chamomile 

Essential oils of chamomile, orange, rose petal, tea rose, lavender 

Place these ingredients in a sachet and drop into the tub, or add water to make a paste and use as a facial or body scrub.  

Basic Detox Bath 

2 cups Epsom salt 

1-2 cups sea salt

1 pinch to a full cup of baking soda (aluminum-free) 

1 cup bentonite clay (optional) 

5-10 drops lavender or another essential oil of your choice 

Sacred Clay Detox Bath 

Green Aztec Clay can be added with apple cider vinegar to it to create a paste that can be placed on your face, neck, hands, arms, back, belly and legs to help pull out toxins.  Put it on until it dries and then shower first and then chose from one of the baths listed here.

Sugar Scrub

Skin scrubs can be very cleansing as they help slough away that dull outer layer.  USe the scrubs to help you feel relaxed and revitalized.  Use fine or coarse granulated sugar and mix with a carrier oil like jojoba, coconut, grapeseed oil, avocado oil or olive oil.  Add five to fifteen drops of essential oil.

Grounding: Sandalwood, rosewood, cedarwood, patchouli, frankincense, myrrh are great choices to add to the sugar scrub. 

Relaxing: Lavender, ylang ylang, jamine, rose, neroli. 

Revitalizing: Peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, rosemary, eucalyptus.

Salt Scrub

Same as the salt scrub use coarse salt or sea salt.  

After the bath, wrap yourself in a towel and stay in that towel.  Get under the covers even pull the comforters all the way up to your chin and tuck your arms underneath as well.  Now you will sweat it out.  Stay in that towel under the sheets for as long as you can possibly handle it.  No need to set a timer.  Allow you body to tell you when it’s ready.  You will know when you feel the need to kick off the covers.  Remember to drink a lot of water, at least one full glass while in the bath and another immediately afterwards.  

Once your done with your detox, rinse off in the shower.  Best to do this detox in the evening post body work, massage, acupuncture or cupping session.   


Take off your shoes and go outside to connect with the earth.  Walk around in the water, dirt, the mud, grass, sand but stay off cement.  Bring your awareness to what you’re stepping on and leave your smartphone behind.  Take this time to get back into your body to feel centered and grounded.  


If you want to change your life you need to change your breath.  Where there is breath, there is life and there is hope and anything is possible.  When we become stressed out, depressed, anxious or shamed our breathing pattern changes potentially leading to illness or disease.  Take some time and join us for a beginner meditation practice by the Mediterranean Sea. 

These are just a few suggestions to help you live your best life.  We believe in treating the whole person with a holistic approach and blend our knowledge and training of movement, nutrition, massage therapy and traditional chinese medicine. 

We love teaching mindful movement and even during this time, we are here to support you in your journey to wellness by offering online remote training from anywhere in the world. Contact us today to get started and learn to move with less pain and greater ease. We look forward to answering your movement questions and/or concerns.

Feel free to check out our blog posts specific to pilates, pre/post natal, bone building for osteoporosis/osteopenia, mindful meditation, restorative yoga therapy, partner and endurance training.

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