Food Ideas for Chinese Conditions

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According to Martha Benedict, OMD Lac MA certain foods make our internal systems “damp” or sluggish, swollen, groggy or cold.  The symptoms start in the digestive system and spleen and then accumulate leading to stagnation to the rest of the body.  The stagnation often presents as unwanted weight gain, bloating, low energy, loose stools, phlegm in the lungs.  If the body has too much dampness this imbalance may lead to yeast infections, joint inflammation, cystic acne and sinus infections.  Some people are more genetically prone than others but the main culprit is excessive dampness in our diet.  Limited physical activity and the climate where you live all play a role.  Finding a balance between damp and dry foods is key to a well balanced diet.


White Fish, Beef, Pork infrequently include Lamb, Venison and Salmon.


Lamb, Chicken, Salmon, Venison, Oatmeal, Rice Cinnamon, Pepper.


Barley, Celery, Corn, Kidney Beans, Anchovy, Mushrooms. On a hot day it’s OK to have a small amount of dampness promoting foods include milk, yogurt, and eggs.

Damp foods include anything made with refined sugars or sugar substitutes, wheat products, baked goods, cereals, dairy products, processed foods, fatty meats.  

Gluten Sources

In addition to the main grains, wheat, oats, rye and barley it is found in processed foods including yogurt with fruit, cheese spreads, salad dressings, ketchup, luncheon meats and canned soups. Avoid distilled white vinegar, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, malt or malt flavoring, modified starch or modified food starch, monoglycerides and diglycerides products that list “natural” or “artificial” flavoring, red or yellow food dyes, and vegetable gums or vegetable protein.

Soluble Fiber

Fruits, and legumes, oats, oatmeal, oat bran, wheat bran, fruit in their skins.  Carnitine (acetyl-L-carnitine) for the brain. Found in the dairy products, kidney beans,
eggs, red meats.

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Medical Disclaimer: You should also see your doctor and/or nutritionist if you think you may be deficient in specific nutritional vitamins. They can help determine what’s causing your symptoms and, if needed, recommend ways to balance your daily vitamin intake.